Summer Biannual Bibliothon Day 3: Tell me A Story….

hey guys here is day 3 of the biannual bibliothon, lets see if i can write a good fan fic story and mix up the characters a little bit for you guys…

Today’s host day for the blog challenge is Ash 

You can find her post for today’s challenge by clicking on her name…

Now let’s see if i can come up with something good guys… This may take a little while…

Here are the Rules for today’s challenge: Taken from the host’s post:

Today’s blogging challenge is titled TELL ME A STORY and the rules are simple: 

1. Write a short story containing at least 5 characters from at least 4 different stories (I’m pretty open here, you can use books, tv, movies, folklore – anything is fair game! And yes, this is essential a short-story-fan-fiction-challenge!).
2. Write a short of bibliography at the end, stating which character was from which original story, with the author attributed.
3. Be creative! Have fun! 


Today was just another day for Annebeth, she was walking to school this morning with her best friend Tessa. While they were walking to school, they both see something at the edge of the woods and they are not sure what it is.

“What do you think that was?” Tessa asked while see was still staring at the creator that was looking at them

“I am not sure” said Annebeth ” it looks like an over sized dog” she said and they keep walking to school.

They got to school and their other friends where waiting for them. Tessa see Chloe, Blue, and Percy.

“What’s troubling you Annabeth?” Percy asked as he saw her walk up to him and took his hand.

“oh nothing Tessa and i just saw an oversize dog on our way here at the edge of the woods” she told Percy

“A what?” Percy asked looking concerned.

“It’s all good, it could just be a wild dog looking for food” Annebeth said

“Yeah, but would a wild dog look at us and not attack us?” Tessa asked

“No they wouldn’t” said a voice that they didn’t know who was walking up behind them and on his way into the school

“Who are you?” Chloe asked

“I’m sorry but i need to go to the main office to get my schedule for rest of this year if I need to be here.” said the anger voice

The he walks away without looking back and disappears into the school. Then the bell rings and they all go into the school. They stop by there lockers and then they all head to class and then they said that we will see you guys at lunch. Tessa went to math, Annebeth and Percy went to English, Chloe went to Spanish and Blue went to wood-shop.

Once Tessa got to her math class and in her set, she saw the new boy right next to her and she didn’t say anything. . Tessa is wondering who is this new boy. Was he the oversize dog that they saw on their way to school that morning, or is he totally different.

Once the bell rang, Tessa got up and counted on with her day. The new boy seemed to be following her around everywhere, because where ever Tessa looked the new guys was there. She never got his name.

Will Tessa find out who this new guys is, stay tune to find out…

Once outside the school, Tessa was walking home by herself because all of her friends have things to do after school. Up headed of her, she see the new boy at the edge of the woods. Then Tessa see’s him disappear inside. Tessa goes into the woods after him. She finds him and then she asked him

“What are you doing?” Tessa asked and the boy looked behind him and saw her

” What are you doing? Following me?” the boy asked

“I wanted to ask you what your name his?” Tessa asked

” Well then you had all day to asked me because it looks like we are in the same classes” he said to her

“I know but can you tell me what it is and what you are doing in the woods?” Tessa asked

“Well, I’m Seth and what I am doing in the woods is none of your business” Seth asked

“Oh I’m sorry, but no one comes into the woods because of the wild dog pack that we have around here. just wanted to let you know” Tessa said

“Well let me get you out of the woods fast before the wild dogs can scene you” Seth said and then he became a big wolf before Tessa’s eyes

*This story has nothing at all to do with any of the original texts, except the basic character concepts I played off of.*


Seth from New Moon (Don’t know Seth’s last name

Percy  from Percy Jackson and the lighting thief

Blue, Blue Sargent from the Raven boys

Chloe from Throne of Glass by Sarah J.Maas

Annebeth, Annebeth Chase from Percy Jackson and the lighting thief by Rick Riodand







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