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Book List for Class on [pick genre/trope/etc]

Hey guys here is today's Top 5 Wednesday's post for today which is a back to school reading list. Just in time for back to school, create a reading list for a class on a bookish topic of your choice. This was created over by gingerreadslainey you can click on her name and it will take you… Continue reading Book List for Class on [pick genre/trope/etc]

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Top 5 Bookish Maps.

Hey guys here is another post, top 5 Tuesday this one is going to be bookish Maps. The creator of this post is Shanah  you can find her top 5 Tuesday's by clicking on her name and see all of her Top 5 Tuesday posts... Here are by top 5 bookish maps that I love... Here… Continue reading Top 5 Bookish Maps.