Weekly reading wrap up

Monday 20th to Sunday 26th of August

Here is what I read this week guys…

Monday 20th

Romancing the Duke (pages 33)

Tuesday 21st

Romancing the Duke (pages 53)

Snow Like Ashes (pages 86)

Wednesday 22nd

Snow Like Ashes (138) finishes

Quest for Glory ( pages 128)

Thursday 23rd 

Quest for Glory (pages 162)

Friday 24th

Quest for Glory (pages 83)

Saturday 25th

Quest for Glory (pages 195) finished

Ozland (pages 32)

Romancing The Duke (pages 32)

Sunday 26th

Romancing the Duke (pages 252) finished

Ship of the dead (pages 66)

That is all that I read this week, hope that you guys enjoyed this post, I will have another one up later today which will tell you guys what I plan to read this week and this week, I plan to read a lot and need to get books done by  September 7th, wish me luck guys. Yes I will vlog my week this week for you guys that way you can see what I get done


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