TBR Thursday

TBR Thursday

Hey guys here is a new theme that I saw over at Jill’s page and I though it wold be cool to start doing these because I needed something new for Thursday’s post. This was created over by Kimberly Faye Reads and for this post, all you have to do is go to you TBR on your goodreads or e-reader and pick a book and see what others think about the book. No spoilers please because I may not have read the book yet thanks guys.

Hope that you enjoy this new theme.

Here is this weeks pick…

Night Owls

Feeling alive is always worth the risk.

Meeting Jack on the Owl—San Francisco’s night bus—turns Beatrix’s world upside down. Jack is charming, wildly attractive…and possibly one of San Francisco’s most notorious graffiti artists.

But Jack is hiding a piece of himself. On midnight rides and city rooftops, Beatrix begins to see who this enigmatic boy really is.

(Hope that you guys enjoy this week’s pick, please no spoilers because I have not read this book yet thanks guys.)



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