Blogtober, Weekly reading wrap up

Blogotber day 7 post 2/ Weekly reading wrap up

hey guys you get another post from me today. Which is my weekly reading wrap up. Here is what I read this week.

Monday 1st

I read nothing

Tuesday 2nd

The Burning Sky (pages 183) finished

Renegades (pages 42)

Wednsday 3rd 

I read nothing

Thursday 4th

The way of Kings (pages 87)

Friday 5th

The way of Kings (pages 205)

Frost like Night (pages 236)

Saturday 6th

Frost like Night (pages 260) finished

Mummies in the morning (pages 65) finished

Pirates past noon (pages 80) finished

Afternoon on the Amazon (pages 96) finished

Tonight on the Titanic (pages 96) finished

Civil War on Sunday (pages 96) finished

Revolutionary War on Wednesday (pages 69) finished

Renegades (pages 4)

Sunday 7th

Renegades (pages 64)

That is my weekly wrap up. Let me know what you guys read this week I would love to know. Thanks, look out for tomorrows blogotober’s post


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