Blogtober day 10/ Throne of Glass Readalong

Hey guys I am hosting a Throne of Glass readalong if anyone wants to join in with me. It will not be done before Kingdom of Ash come out but it will give us a head start on the books. I have the date on when we will read the books but I do not have the page break down. If I did the page break down it will be too much, so I am just giving you guys the dates and what book is going for what dates.

Throne of Glass

Dates: Oct 22nd to Oct 28th

Crown of Midnight

Oct 29th to Nov 4th

Heir of Fire

Dates: Nov 5th to Nov 18th

Queen of Shadows

Nov 19th to Dec 2nd

Empire Of Storm

Dec 2nd to 16th

Tower of Dawn

Dec 17th to Dec 31st

Kingdom of Ash

Jan 1st to Jan 15

Hope that you guys can join in. Oh and you can read the Assassins Blade whenever you want to.

Let me know down below if you are going to be joining in with me. I will have this on my booktube channel as well. So please tell me if you are going to be joining in with me while I reread most of these and read 2 of the for the first time. Happy reading guys


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