Blogtober exert post

Hey guys here I am telling you about a readathon that I am hoping to do this weekend and it’s hosted by Shanah over at Shanah 

I have no clue what I am going to read but I do hope that this readathon will get me out of my reading slump that I am in oh and on the other note,

The TBR BustAThon is hosting a 12 hour readathon on the 12th of October…. You can find more information on the twitter page here

and you can also find information on the hosts blog page here

Hope that you all have a great reading weekend, let me know if you are going to be joying in with me and some others as well…

If you know what you are going to read for both readathons I would love to know down below….


(Any tips on how to get out of a reading slump guys???? Please help me out thanks so much…. )


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