biannual Bibliothon 2019

Biannual Bibliothon day 2

Hey guys here is my challenge for day 2 for this challenge you would have to put your link to your enter on this post that way I can see if and see that you have come up with for your challenge.

Here is how this challenge will work. You’ve been invited to a Christmas tea/ or Christmas party and no one shows up and you have to think of 12 bookish characters that you would like to invite or bring with you to this tea/party. There will be food/drinks/games to play. But these characters have to play nice and get along with everyone else. Who would you bring with you.

You can make up a short, make a list, or just be creative with this one. I am just going to make a list so you guys can get an idea on how this works.

So here is my list of 12 characters and if you can’t think of 12 characters list how many you can think of.

  • Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson in the lighting thief
  • Annabeth Case from the Percy Jackson and the lighting thief
  • Hermione Garner from Harry Potter series
  • Cinder from Cinder
  • Scarlet from Scarlet
  • Cress from Cress
  • Winter from winter
  • Tessa Grey from A clockwork Angle
  • Isla from Isla and the Happy ever after
  • Lola from Lola and the boy next door
  • Eliza from Eliza and her mosnters
  • Laura Jean from to all the boy’s I’ve loved before

That is my list of people that I would bring to my Christmas tea/Christmas party. If you guys need have anymore questions about this please fill free to ask me and I will answer with my best that I can. Good luck and I hope that you guys have fun with this…

The winner for me will get a shot out for this on the blog or instagram so please leave down below what you will like me to shot you at on. If that make any scene. But good luck again and Happy reading guys,

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